Answers to commonly asked questions about Electric Bikes and Scooters


How fast can I go?

Using pedal assist or throttle, you will easily be able to reach 20 mph in modes 4 and 5. Pedaling will allow you to reach greater speeds.

Top Speeds for lower power levels are approximately:

  • 1: 10-12 mph

  • 2: 15 mph

  • 3: 18 mph

How far can I go?

It depends!

More thoroughly, it depends on how much power is pulling from the battery.

  • Power Mode 1 draws about 250 W. You may be able to ride for 40-60 miles using pedal assist. Note: This is an unrealistic scenario.

  • Power Mode 5 draws up to 1400 W. Going up a non-stop steep hill, you may only get 20-30 minutes using pedal assist. Note: This is also an unrealistic scenario.

We routinely observe a 30-45 miles per charge range with mixed terrain and elevation throughout the Baltimore area.

Are eBikes cheating?

Absolutely not! You will ride further and faster, but you are in control of the level of effort and when it takes place.

How do I turn it on? Do I need the key?

Press the power button for 2-3 seconds. The power button is the middle button on the left control unit. They key is not required for operation. It is for locking/unlocking the battery for removal/installation.

Can I ride in the rain?

Yes. Our electric bikes are water resistant, but they are not waterproof. You will want to avoid riding in heavy rain, strong downpours, bodies of water, leaving the bike unattended in rain for long periods of time; and don't submerge it in a body of water.

It is recommended to not ride in wet weather. If it is unavoidable, decrease riding speed, brake earlier, and wear reflective clothing and lights.

How much does it cost to operate an electric bike?

On average, it costs between 2-12 cents to charge an electric bike battery.

This cost depends on your battery voltage, capacity, electric rates, and when you charge (on-peak/off-peak). Batteries with higher voltage and capacity will cost more to charge. Note: This is a theoretical exercise; there may be many other charges on your electric bill that are not accounted for in this calculation.

Scooter Rentals

How do I request a Thursday evening delivery for a weekend rental?

For a weekend rental, with a Thursday evening delivery, select Friday and Saturday as the start and end dates on the reservation form.

Select the Evening Prior to Start Date option in the Delivery Request Time during checkout.

Pending availability, you will be provided a quote or invoice with the drop-off and pick-up dates and time frames.

Is there a security deposit?

We do not require a cash security deposit, however we use a credit authorization as financial security for rental units. This may appear as a temporary transaction in your recent credit card transactions, and will be removed upon return of the unit. The full retail price will be charge for units that are not returned.

How do I fold the Segway model?

Complete these actions simultaneously.

  • Press on the foot tab

  • Push the handlebars forward slightly, then pull back to the folding position

  • See an example here https://youtu.be/5p_SQO5QTRQ

Which model is for me?

The ES4 offers the best ride experience, highest speed option, farthest range, and most power.

The ES2 offers the best ride experience at a slower speed, less range, and less power.

The Light is best for portability with a lower top speed.

See information here https://www.segway.com/product-comparison/