Installation & Maintenance Support

Proper assembly is critical to ensure your safety, maximum performance, and the most comfortable experience. Celericycles recommends having a certified bike mechanic assemble and inspect your bike.

The provided content is not complete or comprehensive guidance. Contact if you have questions.

An operator you should always make sure all nuts and quick releases are tight before every ride.


Check to ensure you have received all parts!

Parts Check

Before you begin assembly, ensure you have all parts.

Box Packing

  • Assembled: eBike frame, battery, motor, rear wheel, seat post lock,

  • Handlebar unit (attached to frame): Brakes/Shifter gears, LCD screen, grips

  • Front Fork and assembly parts (1 plastic spacer, 1 cap, 3 large spacers, 1 smaller spacer, stem screw)

  • Handlebar Stem with screws

  • Seat and seat post

  • Front wheel: includes calipers, brakes

  • Front wheel quick release

  • Batter charger: block and AC cord

  • Front light

  • Pedals (R & L)

  • Water bottle cage

  • Reflectors: front and rear

  • Safety Bell

Model Specific and optional items:

  • Fenders

  • Rear Rack

Complete Assembly Videos

Resources to help you become more familiar with the assembly process.

A very similar eBike installation

A thorough complete bike assembly

Assembling a Boxed Bike

Step-By-Step Guide

Front Fork

Step 1: Insert the front forks through the frame from the bottom. Ensure proper direction through direction of the light fixture and brake assembly.

Step 2: Using components in Image A, Slide the spacer (part #1) onto the top of the fork with the largest diameter side on top. Ensure tight fit. Slide the cap (part #2) on top of the fork with the smallest diameter side on top. See Image B.

Step 3: Slide on the 3 largest spacers (parts #3) and then the smallest spacer (part #4). as shown in Image C.

Step 4: Continue with stem assembly (Image D) with instructions below..

Stem Installation

It is recommended to have someone assist with installing the stem and handlebars.

Installing Your Front Wheel

Install Bike Pedals

Identify the L: left and R: right inscriptions on the pedals before you install them.

Warning: Doing this incorrectly will damage the threads and will require the expertise of a bike shop to repair/replace


  • Tighten to the front

  • Loosen to the rear

Install and adjust bike seat/saddle