How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

It's Easy!

Inquire - Reserve - Ride - Return



  • Complete the rental request form

    • Select product(s), start date, duration, etc.

      • For Weekend rentals select a consecutive Friday & Saturday with the 2 days option

      • For Work Week rentals select Monday & the following Friday with the 5 days option

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions


  • Once the inquiry has been accepted, an invoice will be sent via email

  • Review the order

  • Submit payment using the provided link

    • Note: Deposit/Authorization up to full retail values may be required in event of damage, loss, or theft.


  • Confirm drop-off time and location via calendar/text/email

  • Confirm pick-up time and location via calendar/text/email

  • Meet Celericycles Agent at delivery/drop location

  • Confirm Identification (provide copy of driver's license/identification to Celericycles Agent to keep on file)

  • Review safety instructions with Celericycles Agent

  • Inspect/Confirm condition of product(s)



  • Meet Celericycles agent at drop location

  • Inspect condition of product(s)

    • Damaged products may be subject to repair/replacement costs

    • Products not returned will be subject to purchase at retail price

      • Extensions may be available on a limited basis. Please contact